Is Football Really The ‘Beautiful Game’ Anymore? Rules, Cheats And Money

Is Football Really The ‘Beautiful Game’ Anymore? Rules, Cheats And Money

Football is the game that we play on the fields and jungle gyms at school, between the rear entryways and toward the finish of each road. It’s the game that gets more feeling out of the everyday person than practically some other subject I can consider. Yet, the game we see on our TV screens is turning out to be increasingly more taken out from this as consistently passes by.

With the World Cup finals presently going full bore we’ve changed from the discussions regarding who’s in or out, who’s fit or fat and who’ll win or will not to the secret issues of the game we love to such an extent. The issues with decides is that somebody will consistently cheat to break them.


The arbitrator (who ever he might be) will eventually be the most loathed man at every single match. In any case, is it actually his flaw? Not as I would like to think!

FIFA are constantly changing the standards of the game, similar principles which served football so well for more than 100 years. To come to my meaningful conclusion – would anyone be able to mention to me what the current offside principle is? No, I didn’t think so! Also, shouldn’t something be said about the inconsistencies between the utilization of the yellow and red cards in the cutting edge game, the questionable objectives board, video proof. Praising an objective is currently a bookable offense in the event that you do it for a really long time, remove your shirt or go inside 10 yards of an ally. Are these actually the kind of rules we need to find in the game? (answers on a postcard to FIFA HQ please). เที่ยวยุโรป ครั้งแรก


Cheating has consistently been a piece of game. In case there was no game we wouldn’t have to cheat all things considered, yet it is by all accounts gaining out of influence – and it’s destroying the best game on earth.

It will presumably be one more of the greatest arguments at this World Cup, that of the cheating. An endless weep for punishments, about six barrel moves each time somebody gets handled and the cardinal sin – the handball. Probably the most normally gifted players on the planet are additionally the absolute greatest cheats. Arjen Robben would need to be my pick of the pack – a man gifted with cheetah like speed and great control, excellent vision and Duracell like endurance, however jumps like a kingfisher! Claiming to be harmed to constrain the ball out of play is emphatically fainthearted, while the dropping to the floor holding your face each time somebody sees you is simply… well it’s much more fainthearted! Do you recall Diego Maradona as the best player of the 80’s or the ‘Hand of God’ cheat? I’m somewhat one-sided being English yet lets simply say I recall Mexico 86.


It’s just normal that the better performing clubs end up with more cash toward the day’s end. In any case, there is currently such an inlet between the top clubs and the lower association groups, there will before long be just one association left in every country with a handfull of super-rich groups in it.

The greatest concern is what we have seen here in Englands Premier League. Chelsea got brought by a tycoon oil noble, before we know it they’ve won two titles on the run! Alright so they haven’t done too well in the Champions League (Europes chief rivalry) yet the new signings of Ballack, Shevchenko and soon Roberto Carlos imply that soon they win that as well. It is safe to say that they are getting these players since London is a particularly pleasant spot to live? No, but since they are paying £100,000 in addition to each week for their administrations. When Mr. Abramovich gets exhausted and takes his money off to ball or something, we’ll be passed on to think back on a period where cash brought the English title. Meanwhile my nearby side (Crawley Town) join the many other lower association clubs going into organization. It’s simply not football!

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