A Condom by Any Other Name

Condoms, jimmies, rubbers…you might think you’ve heard them all. Condoms are one of the world’s most common prophylactics. Here are 5 things that you might not otherwise know about condoms and their names.

1. English Nicknames

One of the most known nicknames for condom is rubber. However, if you go to a convenience store in Australia or New Zealand 콘돔 and ask for a rubber, you will be handed an eraser. This could make for awkward moments for Kiwis or Aussies traveling abroad who just want to erase a mistake: “Could I have a rubber, mate?”

Other English nicknames include jimmy hat, raincoat, or hazmat suit: a suit you don for dealing with hazardous materials. The term “love glove” led to the famous safe sex slogan “No Glove, No Love.”

2. International Nicknames

English isn’t the only language that had odd nicknames for condoms. In Denmark, they are called gummimand, which literally means “rubberman.” In Germany, they are called lummeltute, or “naughty bags.” Hungarian terminology emphasizes the protective aspect by calling a condom an ovsver, or a “safety tool.” Hong Kong similarly demonstrates the protective value by calling a condom a pei dang vi, or a “bulletproof vest.” In Portugal they call condoms “Venus’ shirts” or camisa de Venus: remember, Venus is the goddess of love after all, so it makes sense!


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