Customer Service Micro Bursts

Customer Service Micro Bursts – Targeted Training to Improve Your Customer’s Experience



Customer’s Experience. This 162 page gem is well laid out so that your groups can get right to work. The fresh and appealing cover will ensure that your teams embrace the training sessions.

The Guidelines offer a simple framework that will empower your session תוכנה לשירות לקוחות leader to have all attendees actively participating. Regardless of a curriculum’s content, the impact and value from any training is dependent on the leader, his or her delivery and the active involvement from the individuals in the group. These straightforward guidelines will instill confidence in any trainer regardless of his or her experience levels and will set the stage for effective use of the material.

The workbook contains more than 50 exercises targeting specific categories:

Developing a customer service attitude

Developing customer service skills

Communicating with customers

Working with challenging customers

Developing interpersonal skills, and

Activities for Customer Service Representatives’ recognition and support.

As author Margaret Connery explains: “These exercises are short, targeted activities designed to help you teach specific skills that will improve your company’s service, build employee effectiveness and increase customer satisfaction. Designed to fit into your existing staff meetings, they take no more than 30 minutes – many are even shorter.”

Continually providing good customer service is a challenge for any organization. The teams can get frustrated with the daily grind and retaining good employees is critical. Quality training can keep teams fresh and fit and keep individuals motivated to provide service with a smile.

Studies show that in-house training programs can deliver big results just like expensive, name brand offerings – provided the leader embraces the process and dynamically engages the group. Your leaders may feel as though they are simply managers, not trainers; but in today’s lean environments you need to rely on those leaders to get their teams to the next level – whether or not your front line managers see themselves as responsible for skill development.

The passion and culture of your organization’s customer service levels are a direct reflection of the spirit and skills within the group. Customer Service Micro Bursts empowers you to create raving fans while retaining employees through fun, easy to execute training exercises.

The book’s author is touted as a trainer, instructional designer and organizational development expert with vast experience in designing and improving customer service systems; you’ll likely agree as you see the effectiveness of her programs at work in your organization.

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