Pools: Great Ideas to Minimize Lawn Space

Pools: Great Ideas to Minimize Lawn Space


Consider talking to a pool builder when you no longer want to spend time to care for your lawn.

Whenever you feel you can no longer keep up with a very active life as well as being able to spend your time and energy caring for your Mulching Melbourne lawn, you would want to think of something more enjoyable; perhaps, install a swimming pool in place of your lawn. This is a great idea to consider. Your children may find the lawn boring and are not keen on devoting their time to the constant watering, cutting and feeding tasks involved in keeping the lawn presentable.

It would be nice to keep a tiny patch of lawn when you are looking at building a pool in your yard. Minimize the size of your garden, so you will not have to devote too much of your time and energy. It stands to reason that less lawn patch, less time on it to care for. Of course, when you want to reduce the size of your lawn, it is smart to think of other uses for that piece of land just right outside your door. Pavement may be something that is easier to manage but it will not provide your outdoor space the charm that you want to achieve.

You can do some research on attractive ideas for minimizing lawn space. This will tell you that one of the best ways to do is to have your very own swimming pool whether you want your front or back lawn completely done away with and be replaced with a stunning pool for your family to enjoy for many years. It would be nice to keep a tiny cottage garden type. This will ensure that no weeds can sneak in the pool water and minimize any extra weeding for you to do. Choose perennials, which likely to spread and mulch very well on its own without much bother, from the gardener. It is best to maintain just a small self-sustaining flowerbed that requires much less effort from you yet still look charming at all times.

You can also opt to plant shrub borders to provide a lovely background as well as provide you and your family the privacy you need whilst enjoying your pool. In order to have a visually pleasing backdrop, have a mix of deciduous shrubs and evergreen and have a stunning springtime show, swarms of songbirds, pollinating honeybees and butterflies. You may not consider planting trees thinking they will just take up much space. On the other hand, you can incorporate a garden underneath them. This will do two things; have an ornamental large tree for a shade and have a lovely pocket garden that is easy to grow and care for.

Pool builders are not just capable of constructing your dream pool, they can also guide you on how to have a stunning focal point as there are all sorts of garden features that won’t take up a good chunk of space but something that will complement the beauty of your well-engineered pool.


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